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Flokator FTR-85. Delivery across the CIS.
  • Flokator FTR-85. Delivery across the CIS.

Flokator FTR-85. Delivery across the CIS.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Description of a flokator of FTR-85:

Flokator is a device napylyayushchy a flock (a velvet of different color) on any surfaces.

Flokator can become the useful tool for designers of the engaged in an interior, jewelry, wedding production, autotuning.

Producers of jeweler show-windows, printed materials on fabric, displays, packing and souvenir products, furniture, toys, heaters and sealants, dummies, caskets, lodgments, cases, etc. can also find application for this technology in the production.

Flokirovany it is possible to restore / update the damaged, jammed or burned out surfaces of any objects.

The flocked surface is not toxic, nice on the touch, does not glare, steady against attrition and chemical influence.

The flock is the small cut polyamide thread. It is often possible to meet in cars on rubber sealants of door glasses, etc.

Flokirovaniye can be considered as the main or auxiliary view of business. Will learn to flokirovat very simply because for a flokirovaniye special knowledge is not necessary.

Characteristics of a flokator of FTR-85:
Voltage of an electrostatic field is 25 - 85 kV adjustable.
Current of coronary category 35 mkA.
The power consumed from a network 7 W.
Supply voltage 220v 50Hz.
Handle 380 weight gr.
Button dustproof (tight contact).
Bunker replaceable 0,7l.
Guarantee 2 years.
Guarantee and post warranty maintenance.

Advantages of a flokator of FTR-85:
1. The high-voltage generator is just before the bunker.
2. Small current of a high-voltage electrode is a safety during the work as a flokator.
3. High maximum voltage - allows to increase the flokirovaniye speed, production productivity.
4. The handle in the form of the gun - compactness and not bulkiness, it is convenient to work with difficult objects.
5. The button a cock - an ergonomic convenient arrangement.
6. The button a cock "gerkonovy" - tight contacts, prevents a contamination of contacts by a flock, dust.
7. Adjustable tension - reduces a flock expense on small products, increases productivity on big flokiruyemy squares.

8. High speed of a flokirovaniye - 1-1,8kv.m/min.

9. The spare cable (the food block / flokator), in case of damage of a cable, it can be replaced quickly with spare and to continue work.
10. Reliability - experience of production of high-voltage devices more than 8 years.

Complete set:

1. Flokator FTR-85.

2. The bunker 0,7 liters (it is in addition possible to order the bunker 0,2/0,5/0,7/1 liter).

3. Flokator power supply unit.

4. Spare cable (food block / flokator).

5. A grounding wire 4 meters with two klemami / clips.

6. Instruction of use of a flokator.

7. Warranty card.

Delivery across Ukraine a delivery service NOVA POSHTA, delivery across the CIS by mail.

Specify the prices, in connection with essential rate fluctuation of currency the cost of a flokator can strongly differ from specified.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of coverage:Flocked coating
Information is up-to-date: 04.12.2018
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