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Electrostatic guns for automatic transfer lines of putting powder paint.
Custom order, 2 days
The gun electrostatic for automatic transfer lines of powder coloring Ekzocolor. It is completed with the control unit of the gun. It is mounted to any lines of powder coloring. To some lines of putting powder paint it ukompletovyvatsya by separate control units depending on specifics of the...
Group: Guns
The manual gun electrostatic for a dusting of powder EkzoColor paint.
In stock
 EkzoColorElectrostatic napylitel with the regular bunker.The regular bunker is used in case of frequent change of color of paint, to small productions or as additional.Gun airbrush electrostatic. Tension electrostatic adjustable 100 kV max.Current of an electrode 50 µA max.The button a cock a...
Group: Powder paint-pulverizers
Flokator FTR-852
In stock
Characteristics of a flokator of FTR-85: Voltage of electrostatic field is 25 - 85 kV adjustable.Current of coronary category 35 mkA.The power of 7 Watt consumed from network.Supply voltage 220v 50Hz. The weight of the handle is 340 grams.Button dustproof (tight contact).Bunker replaceable...
Group: Flocking units
Cascade multiplier for electrostatic powder coating gun Electron Wagner and other manufacturers.
Custom order, 2 days | Wholesale and retail
Cascade elektrostatichekskogo Electron gun (multiplier portion High Electron). If the paint is flying and does not stick, you need to first check connecting cable control unit-gun tester or replace the cable spare obviously working. If there is a second gun, connect it instead of not working gun....
Group: Equipment for powder coloring
220 EUR
Wholesale: 210 EUR from 2 pcs
Module of a dusting of powder POLYMERASER paint.
Custom order, 7 days
POLYMERASER-100 STN. Airbrush for powder painting, mobile, with the external bunker on 17 kg of paint, the gun for tribo-electrostatic 100 kV, with adjustment of tension for repainting of products. Adjustment of a corner of a torch, replaceable nozzle of a spray. Possibility of lengthening of a...
Group: Manual powder paint evaporation installations
Flokator FTR-85. Delivery across the CIS.
In stock
Description of a flokator of FTR-85: Flokator is a device napylyayushchy a flock (a velvet of different color) on any surfaces. Flokator can become the useful tool for designers of the engaged in an interior, jewelry, wedding production, autotuning. Producers of jeweler show-windows, printed...
Group: Equipment for coating
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Production of the equipment for drawing coverings.


Ukraine,  Kharkov region,  Kharkov,  av. Moskovskij 137.

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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!


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